[Videolib] DVD Dispensing Machines

From: Cynthia Bender <cbender@epfl.net>
Date: Fri Jun 05 2009 - 12:57:12 PDT

Our library is investigating the possibility of purchasing a DVD
dispensing machine. Sights and Sounds, our audiovisual department at
our central library branch, is one of the busiest departments in the
library and our circulation is approximately 1/4 of the total
circulation of the central branch. Our reasons for considering a
dispensing machine include security and space constraints. Concerns I
have include lines at the machine and compatibility with our SirsiDynix
integrated library system.

I would appreciate hearing from other libraries about their experiences
with these machines.

We plan to visit a nearby public library system that uses an Apex
DiscXpress machine.

Thanks very much,

Cynthia Bender
Sights and Sounds Department Manager
Enoch Pratt Free Library
400 Cathedral Street
Baltimore MD 21201

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