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From: lorraine wochna <>
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 11:18:03 PDT


but i am determined.
i have a blog, facebook, twitter and i'm working on a film wiki, as the
students are currently leafing through 3 ring binders. nice, but we have
the ability to turn 3 rings binders into digital 3 ring binders.

it would be good to have a discussion about this - especially in light of
the many many dvd's i buy with PPR! how to let folks know they can use
these in class, and for campus events (yes, i know, no charge). and
helping folks u/stand how they can use a documentary as a 'source' and how
to evaluate it ...

i started twittering DVD titles to the specific librarian who works with
whatever area the DVD might address.

i think i might make a twitter account just for new film acq's - what the

my 2 cents as i procrastinate on my paper for my LAST class in my Film MA
degree! (all but thesis, that is).


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