[Videolib] Proposed changes to video recording headings in LCSH

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Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 08:22:32 PDT

Thought that some of us might have opinions on this. See end for
contact info to send comments.

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> Subject: [SACOLIST] Video recording headings in LCSH
> In the spring of 2007 the Library of Congress embarked upon a
> project to create genre/form headings in the area of moving images
> (films, television programs, and video recordings), along with
> policies for assigning them. Soon thereafter, a similar project to
> create genre/form headings for radio programs got underway. Now, two
> years later, the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) has approved
> over five hundred genre/form headings for use, and LC and several
> other libraries around the country have begun to apply them.
> In the respect that most moving image and radio program genres and
> forms are now represented by authorized headings, those two projects
> are essentially complete. However, there is one major heading issue
> yet to be resolved from the moving image project: the disposition
> existing topical headings (MARC 21 tag 150) that are specific to
> video recordings and that often have film equivalents.
> The Policy and Standards Division has posted a discussion paper on
> this issue on its genre/form web page, http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genreformgeneral.html
> . The paper gives background, suggests a disposition for each video
> recording heading, and provides a rationale for the decision. The
> Policy and Standards Division requests input from interested parties
> before making a final decision. Comments will be accepted through
> June 15, 2009, and can be sent to Janis L. Young, genre/form
> coordinator, at jayo@loc.gov.

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