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Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 03:54:42 PDT

Thanks for this link!

The actual audio is available at:
<snip>Carleton L. Jackson

I have been listening to this testimony over the past couple of days (the afternoon session of May 6, which must have gone on to 7 PM anyway). It is fascinating to hear the actual arguments and discussion. I wanted to note that at least one clip, the last one of the day, is on the server but there is no link to it:

Oddly enough, the arguments of the anti-circumvention lobby took me back to my days in Latin Paleography class--that was Spring 1975. We were studying and reading various bits of medieval manuscripts, to understand the styles, both script and abbreviations, of different periods and places. The professor had a collection of xeroxes of several dozen manuscripts he handed out for us to use. In those days, xerox paper was heavy and shiny and the photocopies tended to be rather grey-toned, with many artifacts of the photography/copying blurring the images. They might have been derived from microfilms. It was the technological equivalent of using 80s-quality vhs to teach film, I guess (we did learn a lot but the class was considered a tedious one by most of the students). It would be very different now, with zoomable color images of manuscripts available online or (for a price) from libraries.

It really isn't just a matter of convenience. It's a matter of learning to see more from the best quality images technology makes available.

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