[Videolib] DMCA Hearing in DC -- Extended Cut

From: Carleton L. Jackson <carleton@umd.edu>
Date: Fri May 15 2009 - 14:50:43 PDT


Since Gary and others did it, I've been asked to do it too. I'm
attaching a version of my testimony on May 6th in DC.

The actual audio is available at:

While I'm a part of 4 groups testifying that session, I spoke for a
representative group of teaching faculty and librarians who work with
them, as well as referencing librarian involvement in ALA, VRT and
CCUMC, all who were all represented. It was great for all of us to be
there, doing our testimony in tandem.*

This extended cut is the complete testimony as provided in written form,
but due to time constraints and overlap with previous testimony I was
forced to cut it on delivery. So what you will hear on the audio file is
shorter and slightly re-arranged from what was originally submitted. I
have also attached the document referred to in the testimony, the list
and description of classes at the University of Maryland that are
supported by video not currently exempted by the DMCA. This document was
to specifically address the problem with only exempting "film studies"


*Lyle Gorch: What's that? Tector Gorch: That's one behind t'other. Lyle
Gorch: That's right! That's what we was doin'! One right behind the other!

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Hi all

A quick update on DMCA hearings: two faculty colleagues and I testified
last Friday re DMCA circumvention exceptions. Interesting stuff, to say
the least. There was one guy (Steve Metalitz) from the "other side":
Steve represents the International Intellectual Property Alliance...and
you can imagine what THEIR stance on circumvention exceptions is. My
sense is that he was pulling his punches and biding his time until the BIG
show in DC this week (good luck to Carlton Jackson, Jeff Clark, Carrie
Russell and others who will be testifying on our behalf)

Attached are my comments. Both Mark Kaiser (director, UCB Language
Center) and Abagail DeKosnik (prof Performance Studies) were terrific! We
owe them thanks for jumping in.


Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley


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