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From: Dennis Doros <>
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 06:54:46 PDT

No back channel. Just my shoes for you to wear. (Hopefully you like tennis.
Wilson Advantage Court IV are are all I wear. Size 10.) There are 100s of
sites (Auteurs, Itunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) wanting to stream my films.
And Sharestream is not one of them to date. And from what Gary quotes,
they're looking to provide technology, not programs.
Anyway, each of these sites has a 10 to 75-page contract (no lie) that
basically gives them enormous rights and a large cut of the royalties for
very little more than getting a file and putting it up on their site. Of
those 100s, only one actually makes real money -- Itunes -- and that for a
best-selling artfilm is about $2000. And remember, half of that goes to the
director/producer from the gross, not net.
Without a lawyer on staff (and that's almost all of us), it costs a lawyer
$300 an hour to go over a contract, and after that, negotiate several hours
over the deal. I would approximate it costs about $8000 to do it properly
but if you have 50 to 100 titles, it's not so bad. (Remember, not all titles
can be put up for streaming. Killer of Sheep does not have streaming rights
for all that music involved.) BUT then it costs $600 to supply the sites
with a dupe digibeta or HD master of the title which most of them insist in
their contracts on keeping for some bizarre reason.

Obviously, there are some distributors supplying streaming now and that will
be the future.

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