Re: [Videolib] ShareStream

From: Rick Faaberg <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 22:25:48 PDT

On 4/30/09 9:24 AM "Shoaf,Judith P" <> sent this out:

> But my point is that if there is a market for streaming video the rights
> holders should get into that market, not stand there saying "We don't want to
> sell you these rights, so you can't do it because it's against the law." They
> should have their contracts ready and their hands out so they can collect
> their fees. If Sharestream is successful, it would be a logical partner in
> this endeavor, just as Kinko's now collects royalties on course packs.

Very well put. You have it exactly. If the folks can't get their "stuff" on
streaming and/or download, then their "stuff" will become irrelevant - in my
opinion of course. ;-)

Now just imagine the back-channel (off-list) emails that will fly as a
result of your cogent post!

Rick Faaberg

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