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From: Susan Albrecht <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 08:46:48 PDT

That is EXACTLY at the heart of the annoyance for me, Tom. We all
read up and discuss all of this, trying to become as certain as we
can be of the position we take and of the responses we give to
faculty, and then something like this happens and it *does* make it
much more difficult to say, "No, I'm SURE about this and just because
someone else is...."

Princeton is streaming ENTIRE films, then, huh? So it's a
change-of-format AND a doubtful-in-terms-of-Fair-Use double
whammy. Or are there those here who would argue that it's at least
not a Fair Use [portion of the work] problem since the streams are
limited to particular "academic areas of campus" [e.g., classrooms],
not available in student residences, and therefore it's "just like,"
or actually is, face-to-face teaching?


At 11:27 AM 4/30/2009, you wrote:

>Unfortunatley, when a high profile school does something like this,
>it makes the already murky picture even murkier. I have a hard
>enough time getting faculty to understand what is and is not
>allowable. I can imagine someone coming to me saying "look what
>Princeton is doing" and then have them look at me like I'm crazy
>when I tell that what Princeton is doing is illegal. They won't believe me.
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