[Videolib] Pirate Bay and what this has become

From: Dennis Doros <milefilms@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 11:14:57 PDT

Okay, I promised no more words of wisdom or crap on this subject and I
won't. But I really thing everybody should step back and take a deep breath.
Everybody is on this list because they believe in what they're doing and the
fact is -- life is shades of gray, not just copyright. I won't say that
Jessica has never pissed me off (she accused me of not liking a Lubitsch
film once...) but I'm guessing there's very few people really afraid of her
or not grateful for all the help she's provided on this listserv. Same for
Mark, Chuck and Rick -- though they've never suggested I would ever diss
Herr Ernst, they also haven't ever bought me wonderful film books back from
the Cinematheque Francaise. (Though you still can.)
Before I get really embarrassed about being part of this discussion, I would
suggest that we've all made our positions clear on PirateBay.org and that
librarians are an intelligent lot and can make up their own minds on the

Gary, this was EXACTLY like the seder I was telling you about.

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