Re: [Videolib] An uncommon question

From: Gail Fedak <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 2009 - 13:21:19 PDT

Our viewing stations are set up to accommodate one headphone per TV.
Headphones must be checked out at the circ desk. We have three small viewing
rooms students can use without headphones if 2-5 students need to view a
program simultaneously. We also ask faculty to schedule several viewing
times if they have a large class and a short assignment period so that we
can start the program at assigned times for multiple students, either in one
of the viewing rooms or at a group of individual TVs. Otherwise, the night
before the assignment is due, we are overcrowded and someone gets left out.
Obviously we can't do this with all our programs, but it works well when we
can. We don't recognize the excuse that headphones can't be used because two
people or more need to watch something simultaneously.


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Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:31 PM
Subject: Re: [Videolib] An uncommon question

I am wondering how the headphones are set up. If it is only possible for one
student at a time to view the film (one headset per TV), that would explain
why they felt justified in unplugging the headset.

Judy Shoaf


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Subject: Re: [Videolib] An uncommon question


First, post a sign (actually several) stating that use of headphones is
required for using the monitors or any other AV equipment you have
(computers included). Simultaneously, send a notice to all faculty (we have
a faculty-only subscribers email list) that you will begin enforcing the
headphone requirement to create a better study/learning atmosphere and ask
their for assistance by asking their students to comply. Then, patrons who
choose not to use headphones should be asked once to use them. If you have
to ask the second time, indicate that they will be asked to leave because
they are disturbing other patrons. If they then don't use the headphones and
refuse to leave, call campus security. I had to do something very similar a
few times when we first opened (25+ years ago), but have not had to get so
drastic since then.

Good luck,



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Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 1:17 PM
Subject: [Videolib] An uncommon question

Dear colleagues,


This question may sound strange, but it is important for me to find an
answer. We have a listening room at the library with headphones attached to
the TV monitors. Unfortunately, our patrons do not follow the library's
policy of not disconnecting the headphones. They use the TV's speakers with
high volume and disturb other patrons. Did you have the same problem? How
did you solve it?


Farhad Moshiri

AV Librarian

University of the Incarnate Word

San Antonio, TX

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