Re: [Videolib] NEWS ...jailed for breaking copyright

From: Shoaf,Judith P <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 10:57:42 PDT

I believe that most libraries have notices up near the copying machines warning against making infringing copies. I suppose that if Pirate Bay had a notice posted saying "We do not recommend that you use any of the following links for illegal downloads" they might have helped their case <grin>.

Re. listening to music before buying: this used to actually be a feature of music stores. George Gershwin was I think at one time a pianist in a sheet-music store, right? Song-pluggers were important "in the good old summertime" and record stores carried over the practice with booths for listening before buying (though I don't remember seeing them except in movies). I think that music producers could say that the little excerpts on their websites, and radio exposure, ought to be enough to allow potential buyers to determine whether or not they want to purchase a particular song/album. I guess most of my CD purchases have stemmed from hearing something I really liked on the radio.


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