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From: Mike Tribby <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 09:47:34 PDT

>if all Universities and cities etc decided to eliminate Libraries and Librarians (save a bank of free computers) because they believe everything should simply be found and downloaded off the net ( copyright be damned) would say you were ambivalent

Yow! I don't usually expect deep, current cataloging discussions on this list, yet this fragment from Jessica's posting could have been ripped from an Autocat or RDA list discussion about the proposed new cataloging rules (with the subquestion: why bother? Nobody cares about cataloging anymore.) To paraphrase Super Chicken, "It's everywhere! It's everywhere!" The sad thing is that many administrators agree with or are fascinated by the idea of eliminating everything but keyword access to the 'Net for just about everything.

First they eliminate the catalogers, then the media librarians... is anyone safe?

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