Re: [Videolib] Headphone recommendations

From: Brewer, Michael <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 11:35:29 PDT

We've been getting the kind that can be cleaned with a wipe (how well, I
am not sure).



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I order HUNDREDS at a time from MCM Electronics at $1.89 each (MCM Part#
35-460). No chance of spreading any unwanted maladies from student to
student...just a thought.


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Subject: Headphone recommendations




Do you all have any recommendations on good, reliable and durable
headphones that we can check out for student use in our information
commons? I'd prefer something that has a jack for computers (rather
than the larger one for a DVD player or VHS) and which might continue to
be available for some time (so we can replace them and not have 4 or 5
different kinds because they're no longer sold. This is less important
than the decent quality and durability issue). Cost is not a huge issue,
but I don't want to spend too much unless they are going to last for
years and years.





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