[Videolib] FW: Fox Revises Rental Policy Due to Overwhelming Library Response

From: Gena Zelenka <gzelenka@park-ridge.lib.il.us>
Date: Thu Apr 16 2009 - 13:16:40 PDT

Ha! We have roared and they have listened!


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Subject: Fox Revises Rental Policy Due to Overwhelming Library Response


Fox Revises Rental Policy Due to Overwhelming Library Response

Thank you!

Over the past week, many of our customers have advocated via email and
on list-serves for a reversal of Fox's rental policy. We are very
pleased to announce that in response to this vocal and persuasive outcry
from the library community, Fox has decided to amend their policy.

Beginning in June, all of Fox's titles will be available to library
customers in the original retail edition. These titles will contain the
full menu of extras and bonus features at no additional cost to the

We appreciate Fox's quick and responsive reaction to our customer's
concerns in this matter.

Please feel free to call our customer service department with any
concerns (1 800 875-2785) about Fox titles shipped in the upcoming

Again, we would like to thank everyone who sent emails and spoke up on
the list-serves; this policy change is directly due to your advocacy and


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