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From: Cecilia Cygnar <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 13:26:27 PDT

I would be more than happy to sign a petition. I think this is a good
idea and more tactful than a boycott.


Cecilia Cygnar

AV Librarian

Niles Public Library

Niles, IL



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I have been following the postings on this new policy and I wanted to
offer some background and offer a suggestion on how to deal with it. I
have some experience dealing with the major studios.


This policy is most likely a reaction to Redbox and other discount
retailers. Redbox rents for $1 a day, and the studio sees no revenue
other than the initial purchase (which is usally about 60% of the
opening retail price, not $8 like someone said). These discounted
rentals are taking a huge bite out of their sales. Another studio,
Universal, tried to cut off Redbox's supply of new movies and got sued
in return. Fox is undoubtedly trying a different approach in the hope
that consumers will seek out the version with all the bells and
whistles. As we have seen, this will probably fail and just piss
everyone off. The real issue is whether Fox will try to get the rental
vendors to pay more for the rental version of the video. The studios
can't legally get together and do something like this, but Fox is
probably hoping other studios do the same, then they try to raise
prices. This new policy has nothing to do with saving money, if
anything, keeping two different versions with different covers, etc. is
going to cost them money. It is about preserving their sell-through


Here is a suggestion on what to do. Don't organize a boycott, those
things are very difficult to organize and seldom effective. But
organize a petition. I am sure Fox does not want to be known as the
studio that made life difficult for libraries and universities. Get a
petition going and get as many institutions to sign it as possible.
Explain why the policy is the wrong thing to do and ask them to change
it. Issue a press release and turn up the heat a little. Politely
suggest to Fox that they make an exemption for non-profit renters that
are not making money at their expense (whether libraries cost them money
is a different story but it is unlikely they want to take that issue


Hope that helps.


Robert Buckley

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