[Videolib] Fox DVD situation

From: Tatar, Becky <bltata@aurora.lib.il.us>
Date: Tue Apr 14 2009 - 13:43:04 PDT

In light of Fox's decision on their DVDs, has anyone decided to use
outside vendors like Amazon, Best Buy, etc., to purchase their Fox
titles? I suggested that to one of the management staff, and she wasn't
sure about the legality of it. Her feeling was that if Fox made this
decision on what to sell to a certain segment of the marketplace, we
couldn't legally circumvent it. Her comparison was to how Disney
watches over their titles. I told her that first purchase (do I have
that right?) would negate anything Fox might do or want to do. Her
feeling is go with what we get from our vendors, and if the patrons
complain, direct them to the Fox information. Then maybe Fox will
change their minds.

Will Fox go after libraries for purchasing their releases from retail
vendors instead of library vendors? What is everyone else going to do?

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