[Videolib] New Fox rental/retail policy

From: Shoaf,Judith P <jshoaf@ufl.edu>
Date: Sat Apr 11 2009 - 05:53:40 PDT

This is so peculiar. I am wondering whether in fact it might be a request from the rental companies for a stripped-down version just so they have fewer disks to keep track of? I can see that it might be aggravating for them if the only edition has a bonus disk and (a) the price is higher for this reason and (b) the movie disk is no longer rentable if the bonus disk gets lost or damaged.

In other words, most people renting from Blockbuster want to watch the movie. Someone who cares enough to watch the extras might be willing to buy it.

On the other hand, someone getting a DVD from a public library might well want to watch extras. In an academic library the extras might contain important information for studying the film and its background.

One professor here at UF actually studies bonus material. He collects different editions of big medievalist movies (e.g. Kingdom of Heaven, The Vikings, Monty Python's Grail) from various countries, to compare what is included.

I am wondering if the rental version is cheaper even for libraries, if Fox misunderstands the nature of library video collections, etc.

I hope this does not end up like the "institutional pricing" situation where libraries have to do an end run to get what they want.

Judy Shoaf
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