Re: [Videolib] FW: New Fox rental/retail policy

From: Williams, Greg <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 17:43:58 PDT

So, do the studios have any actual legal basis to force libraries to
purchase rental editions, or are they relying on their economic sway
over vendors catering to libraries?

My understanding is that libraries are legally entitled to purchase and
lend retail editions (as long as they are lending to individuals
engaging in private use of the material), no matter what label ("For
Home Use Only", the new "Retail Exclusive") the manufacturer chooses to
put on the item. See, for example, the ALA "Video and Copyright Fact

So if Vendor A (e.g., Midwest Tapes) caves to pressure from Fox and only
stocks the new rental-edition DVDs, but Vendor B (e.g., Amazon) does not
and continues to carry retail editions, why not purchase from Vendor B
(presuming, of course, your purchasing department allows you to do so,
you're not dependent on Vendor A's processing services, etc...)?

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