Re: [Videolib] New Fox rental/retail policy

From: Michael Vollmar-Grone <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 11:23:56 PDT

Right you are Jessica.
In fact, some of we smaller libraries pay our vendors more than the big
box prices for the major releases.
But we need the vendors to get the indy, catalog, and smaller releases.

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> Well that sucks but to be honest Peter I don't think Midwest Tape etc can
> really afford to say they won't buy it now if the libraries said they won't
> buy it that might be different. On 2nd thought probably not, only way to
> change their mind would be if retailers protested but I won't hold my
> breath. What sucks here is treating libraries like Blockbuster & Netflix. I
> mean to be fair those guys get such a HUGE discount that I can see Fox
> saying , hey for $8.00 a copy we can't afford to give you all those extras
> but libraries are paying prices much closer to consumers than big retailers
> at least by my math.
> I suspect the University Library market which is probably more concerned
> about extras might have buy more stuff from Amazon or Deep Discount to get
> those editions ( and pay a bit more).

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