[Videolib] FW: Slumdog Millionaire Confusion & Fox's new policy

From: Kim Crowley <kcrowley@flathead.mt.gov>
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 10:49:05 PDT

Have you all seen Fox's new policy on DVDs (see below)? This was the first I'd heard about it.

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Many libraries have contacted us concerning Slumdog Millionaire. This title, delivered before 20th Century Fox announced their new retail and rental edition policy, was shipped to some customers with incorrect artwork.

Due to a mix-up at Fox's replicator, some rental edition copies of Slumdog Millionaire were shipped in retail edition cases. Fox has set up a hotline (1-888-223-4369 or SlumdogDVD.orderassistance.com<http://SlumdogDVD.orderassistance.com>) for customers who have received these items and would like a replacement item. If you prefer replacement artwork, Midwest Tape is happy to provide it through our customer service department (1-800-875-2785).

Midwest Tape has been notified that, beginning immediately, all new Fox releases will be issued in two editions: retail and rental. Because Fox has decided to classify libraries as part of the rental market, the rental edition will be the only edition available to public libraries.

Fox has decided that the rental edition and retail editions will be two separate and distinct items. Each edition will have unique artwork and UPC numbers. Additionally, retail editions will have the text "Retail Exclusive" on the cover art.

Click Here<http://media.midwesttapes.com/pdf/FoxArtSamples.pdf> to view samples of both the Retail and Rental edition artwork.

Fox has decided that there will also be a difference in content between the retail and rental editions. In most instances, special features and bonus disks will not be a part of the rental (library) edition. Upcoming Fox releases with separate rental and retail editions include:

 * Bride Wars
 * Legally Blondes
 * Taken
 * Possession
 * S. Darko
 * Valkyrie
 * Labou
 * Dr Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts
 * Driven to Kill
 * Nobel Son
 * Street Fighter
 * Pink Panther 2
 * Miss March
 * 12 Rounds
 * The Betrayed

Customers who would like to voice a complaint about Fox's new distribution policy may do so by emailing: nancy.perfett@fox.com<mailto:nancy.perfett@fox.com?> and info@midwesttapes.com<mailto:info@midwesttapes.com?> on all inquiries.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that Fox's new policies may cause.


Midwest Tape
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