[Videolib] instructor's DVD from textbook

From: Fragola, Patty <fragolap@uww.edu>
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 14:20:33 PDT

I just had a faculty member ask if she could use a portion of the DVD that came with the instructor's copy of the textbook for her online class. She normally shows portions of the material from the DVD in her face to face class.

It sounds like there are multiple case studies on the DVD (she thought more that 10). She wants to show just one.

Is she free to stream as many of the case studies as she would like because they are part of the textbook? Or is she limited to a "reasonable" amount as if it were a separate item?

Seems to me that she would be fine to just show one case study, but I was wondering how to answer the next person who wants to show them all.

thanks in advance for the insight.


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