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I think part of the issue with this particular question is many of us want to make sure we are providing materials in formats that patrons are excited about and eager to use. While I know many wouldn't say VHS are obsolete, I think in the eyes of our patrons they are and VHS players are going to linger for a long time. I'm sure at one point or another we've all dealt with the frustrated patron that doesn't understand why something isn't available on DVD.

I'm definitely not disagreeing with any of you on the copyright issues, and I really appreciate your responses. This is especially true since I'm new to the media/copyright/etc., spectrum. I just find it hard to believe that there aren't institutions out there converting VHS to DVD in order to accommodate patron usage. Obviously, those institutions wouldn't be posting their work to the listserv. Again, I'm only talking about titles not available on DVD. I wish I could say that situation didn't exist!

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As my good friend Jessica Rosner has reiterated repeatedly (ad nauseum),
the fact that patrons don't like vhs (or any other format) isn't a
sufficient reason to go ahead and migrate.
To be fair, it's mostly because this question keeps coming up. Is there a Videolib FAQ?

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