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> One way of getting around the nomenclature bog is to simply use a
> functional title. My card says: Director, Media Resources Center.
> I gave up using the L word in my title or in the description of my job to
> strangers years ago, after an incident at a dinner party. I was sitting
> next to a woman with a huge beehive hairdo and a Jersey accent you could
> cut with a chainsaw. She rambled on for a good fifteen minutes about the
> glories of her successful son, the doctor. Finally, she asked me what I
> did for a living. When I told her I was a librarian, she looked me up and
> down with a mixture of profound pity and contempt and said: "Oy! Does
> your mother know?"
> gary handman
> Well, outside of the beehive hair, the "successful" and the "doctor," it
sounds like you met my mom
Who still introduces us as Millstone.

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