Re: [Videolib] Whither Media or What?

From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Tue Apr 07 2009 - 14:20:31 PDT

Our location-defining criteria for mixed media items is which part seems to be dominant. Is is a Book with supplemental CD or a DVD with accompanying book guide?
We often don't know until it arrives and we can look at the items. If importance is fairly equal, decision is based on gut reaction answer to "if I were the patron, where would I look for this?" (Of course, we would all look in the media collection, but you know what I mean.)

Although videos, audiobooks, and some other non-book things, all have their own collections, we started putting CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs (things that must be used with a computer and contain information rather than entertainment) amongst the regular book collection.

This criteria appears to have changed every few years depending on the librarians involved....

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