[Videolib] accessing DVDs for patrons

From: Elizabeth Barksdale <ebarksdale@wtc.edu>
Date: Tue Apr 07 2009 - 11:32:27 PDT

Hi all. This is a pretty simple question for this list (not a copyright
conundrum) : ) , but it's a small practical problem that I'd like to get
a good solution for...


We have a fairly small but growing AV collection, and have our DVD cases
in LC out on the shelves for browsing and the actual DVDs in LC back
behind our circulation desk, some in plastic cases on shelves, some in
drawers of a filing cabinet. We also label the actual DVDs with LC and
it takes forever to find some of them when you're going through umpteen
PN 1997's or whatever.


Is the standard thing to do labeling DVD cases with LC or Dewey for
browsing but have a numeric system 1-1000 or whatever for retrieving the
actual items? We were doing this for awhile, but then went back to just
LC numbers for some reason-I think the circ folks thought it would be
more straightforward for us but now I'm not sure I agree. Do you have
any reasons for assigning just call numbers, just standard numbers or
both to your DVD collections?





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