[Videolib] converting VHS to DVD

From: Regnier, Ami <ARegnier@bentley.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 06 2009 - 14:47:22 PDT

Good evening,

If a library wants to convert their VHS to DVD, what option is there if:

 * A newer format (i.e. DVD) and is not available
 * copyright holder refuses to respond or cannot be bound
For example, the VHS is deteriorating and after our best efforts we could not get a response from the copyright holder. How do we obtain a sustainable format for continued use by our library patrons? From what I've researched thus far, one can legally convert a VHS to DVD only if the VHS is damaged/deteriorating or an unused replacement copy cannot be obtained at a fair price. What about VHS titles we have that are not deteriorating, but not available as DVDs? Students and faculty do not want to use these titles simply due to the format, but as far as I can tell there is no other option.
I apologize in advance for opening up this can of worms, but really appreciate your responses!
Ami Regnier
Special Projects Librarian
Bentley University Library
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452

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