[Videolib] Feature films about social issues, families,

Marynelle Chew (chewm@byuh.edu)
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 15:25:07 -1000

I am not a film librarian, but I play one at work.... Or, at least an
acquisitions librarian.

I have two social work professors who are looking for feature films that
portray various social issues of interest to social workers. They plan to
use these films as springboards to discussion. The laundry list of topics is

child abuse
community organizing
different perspectives
human rights
poor neighborhoods
problems in families
social problems
solving social problems

I know this is a pretty tall order, so if anything covering any of these
issues springs immediately to mind, I would be most grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Marynelle Chew
Joseph F. Smith Library
Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Laie, HI 96762

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