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Judy Shoaf (
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 12:16:20 -0500

Jessica Rosner wrote:
> Well THAT ( paying for rights you don't otherwise need) is a WHOLE different
> kettle of fish and one I know that brings a lot of frustration to
> libraries. As I noted in my first post in many cases you can wait a little
> for the home video "version" to be released in many cases and once that is
> out you definitely can not restrict how many students can see it ( though it
> would not come with PPR rights that would allow you to show it to groups
> outside a class).


If you go to Zeitgeist and look up a DVD that is comparable to the
Louise Bourgeois one (which is not yet listed as DVD online), a
documentary about Sally Mann, you find that you can buy a copy from them
for $22.50. But as you go through checkout you see:

"This VHS or DVD is priced for private home video use only and cannot be
sold at this price to institutions. If you are interested in purchasing
this VHS or DVD for schools, libraries or other institutions please
visit our non-theatrical section or e-mail us."

When you go to the non-theatrical section, you find this, which seems to
be what Janice was talking about:

"---Educational Purchase or Rental Information.

Film societies, organizations, educational institutions, public
libraries, and art galleries can rent or buy our films.

Public Performance Rights are included when you purchase videos or DVDs
from Zeitgeist at the price indicated below [no price indicated for the
Sally Mann film]. These permit screenings in a classroom or library or
to a public group of less than 50 people when no admission is charged.

If admission is charged, or if the group is more than 50 people, you
need to request a quote for an open showing license.

For more purchasing information visit our Non-Theatrical Ordering
Information section, or call (212) 274-1989.
Institutional DVD Sale: Call for availability
Classroom and Open Showing Rental: Prices Vary
*Discounts are available for public libraries and high schools. Multiple
purchases of our films on DVD or VHS are also eligible for a discount.
Pleaes call for rates. ---"

Now, this particular DVD is available from Amazon for $27, so it is
possible to get around the institutional pricing. But if you wanted to
send Zeitgeist a PO, you would have to pay for PPR whether you needed it
or not.

Judy Shoaf

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