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Hi All,

Here's a $64,000 question:

I'm looking for the following. Most likely not available, but might provide some interesting commentary from the collection brain....

Investigates controversial contraceptive research carried out on women in Third World countries in particular Norplant which is implanted beneath the skin and released over a five year period.

London : ǂb BBC, ǂc 1995.
1 videocassette (VHS) : ǂb sd., col. ; ǂc 1/2 in.
Cutting edge (Television program)
Written and produced by Deborah Cadbury.
Charlotte Cornwell.
Documentary on the use of women in the slums of Third world countries who are being used as test subjects for contraceptive drugs. Discusses claims of secret drug testing of these women by collusion between Third World governments and the drug companies. Investigates the Norplant contraceptive drug trials and alleged terrible side-effects such as eye damage, blindness and persistent bleeding.


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