[Videolib] Restricted PPR

jwoo (jwoo@cca.edu)
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 18:33:18 -0800

Hi. This is going over old ground somewhat, but is there such a
thing as Public Performance Rights with an asterisk?

I got a Zeitgeist brochure for a Louise Bourgeois DVD where the PPR*
is only for "screenings to groups of up to 50 people (libraries,
classrooms, churches, clubs, etc.) when no admission is charged."

Would this be binding if an institution bought a copy? What if a
class has 51 students enrolled? Who's supposed to monitor the class
size a video is being checked out for?

Does the TEACH Act trump such language?

Thanks, Janice @ CCA.edu

p.s. it says the dvd is available exclusively to institutions, and
there is no option for non-PPR purchase

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