Re: [Videolib] Licensing Movies with Swank Motion Pictures

Barbara Read (
Wed, 05 Nov 2008 10:41:27 -0600

Swank was at the Public Library Association convention with their movie
licensing plan. I do not remember streaming being in there - did not
read it too throughly but for us the ability to go online and download
posters and bookmarks to promote the films is a big help. In the past
we have paid for a blanket license (covering only a list of studios) but
then were prohibited from mentioning the name of the film other than in
house. We do programming to attract new users, so this has been a
strong point in not showing movies. Their license is much more expensive
- about double - but worth it if we can promote the films.

Barb Read
Rolling Hills Library (public)

Jessica Rosner wrote:
> I am all for it but again much more complicated for us little guys in
> terms of rights we can license
> I would bet the farm the Swank model is based on some type of annual
> fee as opposed to outright sale of
> A title streaming etc.

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