Re: [Videolib] copyright AGAIN [Scanned]

Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 30 Oct 2008 11:44:36 -0400

OOPS I meant Jerry

On 10/30/08 11:41 AM, "Jessica Rosner" <> wrote:

> Um Mark
> Record companies are being KILLED, CD sales are off a cliff and the money
> they get from say iTunes is not close to covering it . Record companies are
> LOSING money for the most part , there have been massive cutbacks and
> mergers, it is anything but a thriving business and I think that is what
> Us distributors are very worried about. It should be noted that the music
> market is being destroyed more or less by individuals even those pirating on
> a big scale, schools on the other hand have made licensing deals in many
> cases which of course is what all of us would like if all those really big
> problems could be worked out.
> On 10/30/08 11:29 AM, "Jerry Notaro" <> wrote:
>> I don't agree with Mark's analogy either, Jessica, but we have heard the
>> same argument you are presenting from record companies when people started
>> streaming music. Buying and managing music online is a reality and the
>> rights and content holders are making tons of money because of it. If they
>> would have stuck to selling music "only" on cd's, yes, they would be in
>> trouble, but that didn't happen and they are thriving. Much as producers
>> and distributors think librarians are trying to make a fast buck, it is
>> going to be survival mode soon for content providers. People are demanding
>> it and yes, they will pass and choose other content because of the format
>> available.
>> Jerry

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