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Now supposes I bought a DVD of film X and I am a computer genius who can
download and digitize the thing and sent straight to my friends who have
to log in. They are only watching it themselves, I did not post it on
the internet so what if I send it to 200 of them who can now watch it at
home, I made it from a legal copy and they are watching it for personal
use ? If the MPAA finds out do you think that gets me off the hook
because it is the exact analogy you have to extending "face to face" to
"on demand"


I just don't understand your logic here. We are talking about official
institutions such as universities (in most cases non-profit), for
educational purposes only, and for official courses within the
university programs. Of course digitizing a video for 100 of your
friends is not right. I don't think anyone disputes that.


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