Re: [Videolib] Sarah's post on digital streaming

Judy Shoaf (
Thu, 30 Oct 2008 14:18:07 -0400

> Here's another story I have to add. Our School of Ed. ...are converting these
> seminars to the Blackboard environment, and wanted to use an entire (17
> minute) video on school violence. ...So I called up the company, who
> said this was their first such request but they were delighted to give
> me a quote. They wanted $1500/year or $5000 perpetual to stream this
> video. ... I thought this cost was
> WAY out of line, but as I said, this was the first request the company
> had for something like that, and so I can't really blame them for just
> pulling a number out of ... well, you know.

A hat?

You are right that the first impulse, esp. from a company that does not
understand Blackboard etc., is to wildly overvalue the rights to use
this romantic new method of delivery. They don't get that the same
students are seeing the film the same number of times as they would be
with the original, which you paid for.

I ran into a situation like this with some audio. I did not think I
would be charged at all, since we had already paid for duplication
rights and the company had given me the go-ahead to digitize. Then they
sent a contract not only wanting a yearly $1k but also my files.... hmmm.


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