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Sarah wrote:

I really don't understand Farhad's comment "What I'm not convinced yet
is the difference between "face-to-face" traditional classrooms with the
instructor present vs. a log-in protected online classroom (access by
students registered for that class only)"

I think there is a huge difference, namely that face-to-face in a
traditional classroom is 100% legal and restricted access streaming an
entire audiovisual work to students in an online classroom is not 100%
legal. It's just not. It's not fair use, it's not face to face, it's
not covered by TEACH, so what makes you think it's okay?


Fortunately (or unfortunately!), here we do not have the capability to
stream anything! My argument is completely hypothetical. Of course, I
know one is legal and one is not legal. It is the law that I'm
questioning. I see this issue as a discrimination case. Why shouldn't
students registering for an online course have access to the same course
materials students registering for the same course have access to in a
traditional face-to-face classroom? I'm not talking here about changing
the format of a video recording for the purpose of permanently keeping
it in the collection or providing access to it permanently in the new
format. I'm just talking about temporary posting it online in a closed
log-in protected access for a specific course for the duration of the
course only. I'm sure there are ways to prevent students to make a copy
or save it on their computers for future use.


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