[Videolib] looking gift videos in the mouth

Ciara Healy (chealy@augustatech.edu)
Tue, 4 Dec 2007 12:08:14 -0500

What does your gift policy say? Does it include the good 'ol "we
reserve the right to use the donated materials as we see fit." Then you
can tell the alum that you'd be glad to take them and let him know how
grateful you are, but also point to the policy and mention that if the
cataloging (!) and storage and upkeep on his machine/materials becomes
burdensome or they don't circulate, you can sell them on e-bay or sack
them up in garbage bags and throw them away. Then he can decide what he
wants to do.

Do you know any librarians at military colleges? Maybe the Citadel might
like them. Maybe the U.S. War college. Perhaps you can hook him up with
some other librarians who might really, really want them. That would be
a nice way of letting him feel his collection has gone to a place that
will use it and get a lot out of it.


p.s. I worked with a volunteer once at a peace-hippie organization who
was anticipating leaving thousands of photos to the organization (photos
of anti-war demonstrations and the like - nameless people across 25
years - undifferentiated) and when I asked her how she thought the
organization should make the best use of them, she broke down in tears
and trembling (OK - she was well into her 80's) and accused me of
destroying her history. We were both devastated by the conversation.
Sadly, I am pretty certain the photos are probably all completely molded
together in the dank basement of that place as we speak. In dozens of
cardboard shoeboxes. That was the last time I had anything at all to do
with "archives" and I hope I never will again.

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