[Videolib] accepting gift videos

Sarah McCleskey (Sarah.E.McCleskey@hofstra.edu)
Tue, 04 Dec 2007 11:25:02 -0500

Hi everyone,

Since there was in the past a discussion of the job description for the
Film and Media Library Director at Hofstra, I should give you an update
before I ask my question. Due to budget constraints and some
administrative weirdness (long story), the budget line for that position
was frozen for at least a year (unexpectedly, unanticipatedly, etc.) and
I'm still the acting director, who knows for how long. Please don't use
this as a Hofstra-bashing fest. End of update.

My question is this. I just had an alum call who wants to donate a lot
of videos on military history. I asked him the format and he said some
VHS but lots of "3/4" format. I have to admit total ignorance. What is
"3/4" and should I take it? I told him we didn't have a machine that
would play that (maybe I could scrounge one up somewhere) and he may be
willing to donate a machine. But can someone educate me about what this
is? And even if the information is valuable, would anyone use it? No
one wants VHS anymore but they're stuck with it.




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