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Tue, 20 Nov 2007 13:40:04 -0500

When I attended a film festival and the feature I wanted to see was
sold out I was disappointed, BUT there were seats for the screening of
THE CHANCES OF THE WORLD CHANGING so I sat in and was glad I did..it
was mesmerizing throughout. An unforgettable true story of one man's
dedication to a species in the heart of a big city.
Suzanne Harle

RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes

PURCHASE: $24.95

Order by Phone at 415 377 5471
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Order with Purchase Order by Email: sales@greenplanetfilms.org

The Chances of the World Changing is an extraordinary documentary
about one man?s unbelievable mission to save hundreds of species of
turtles and tortoises from extinction ? an epic story of conservation,
perseverance, and hope in the face of a global crisis.

With a reasonable inheritance, Richard was able to build an ark,
literally rescuing hundreds of endangered species of turtles.
Eventually, Richard was sharing his giant penthouse in lower Manhattan
with over 1,200 turtles and tortoises. When his collection was
discovered (due to complaints from his neighbors), Richard?s story
made headlines around the country, from The New York Times to CNN. But
the weight of Richard?s ark soon began to crush him. His passionate
pastime had evolved into a colossal enterprise. To save himself and
his turtles, he made a fascinating and daring decision? to create the
country?s largest turtle conservation institute.

Directed and produced by Eric Daniel Metzgar

Produced by Nell Carden Grey

Original music by Eric Liebman

99 minutes

Awards and Screenings
2007 Official selection of P.O.V. (PBS?s documentary showcase)
Nominee, Truer Than Fiction Award, 2007 Spirit Awards
Closing Night Film, San Francisco Documentary Festival, 2006
Grand Jury Award Finalist, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, 2006
Merit Awards for ?Story? & ?Dedication to a Cause?, Intl Wildlife Film
Festival, 2006
Conservation Award, Bendfilm Festival, 2006
Official Selection, Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival, 2006
Official Selection, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film
Festival, 2006
Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival, 2006
Official Selection, American Conservation Film Festival, 2006
Official Selection, Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, 2006

?My personal favorite [of the Full Frame Documentary Festival].? ?
Scott Brown, Entertainment Weekly
?A triumphant film... The Chances of the World Changing stands as an
object lesson in the kind of inspired things that are possible within
slender means.? ? Cinemascope

?One of the biggest treats this year? One of those special films that
combines masterful filmmaking with incredibly engaging subject
matter...an enchanting score...exquisitely photographed...? -
International Documentary Magazine

?Brilliantly and thoughtfully realized...exceptionally beautiful
storytelling? - Planet In Focus

?You can't make up a story like this...just as you can't help but be
fascinated and moved by it...? - ArtVoice

?A deeply felt, moving portrait of one man's quest to make a
difference... a very poetic film... a wonderful piece.? ? Cara Mertes,
Director of Sundance Institute

?Even if you care not a whit for turtles, or the extinction of certain
species thereof, you?d have to possess a cold, reptilian heart indeed
not to be moved?? - Orlando Weekly

Suzanne Harle
Founder/Executive Director
nature & environmental DVDs
PO Box 247
Corte Madera, CA 94976
415 377 5471
a nonprofit organization

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