RE: [Videolib] YouTube THE PERIPHERY

Chris McNevins (
Tue, 20 Nov 2007 10:31:31 -0500

As long as we're tubin' it this morning, I am particularly proud to
point out a trailer that my nephew created. It's cool to see his 3
brothers (plus friends) as actors and their house as part of a movie
set. Luke is the very first character to appear, Chuck is the gestapo

Luke graduated from Syracuse U last year and is quite multi-talented.
He's won numerous awards for his artwork, and is looking for a job in
web design (hint)


You can view his work at:


One of my previous employers, The Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth
College of Rochester (NY) is featured in the home-grown move CHERRY
CRUSH. The Rare Book Room is featured in the very first indoor shot.
The DVD is available on Amazon.

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