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Well, it's actually painting on film itself, but the far and away best
choice is easy. Norman McLaren's Begone Dull Care (with the side
benefit of a wonderful Oscar Peterson piano composition). It's my
favorite film to watch and as a matter of fact, just showed it to a
young art student last night. And then there's about five more from
Norman and another lot from Len Lye that are wonderful.

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On 11/10/07, Beasley, Sarah <> wrote:
> Help! I have a patron who is looking for videos that show painters interpreting music on canvas. Ideally, the painter(s) would be working in a geometric/abstract style. She wants something that shows how an artist represents beats of rhythm as visual beats. Some phrases that she used to describe what she is looking for are "action painting" (but she doesn't want Jackson Pollack), "rhythmic painting," and "painting and jazz." That last phrase came up with The Reality of Karel Appel, but the painting style was not what she was looking for (and the music does not have to be jazz).
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Sarah
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