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Fri, 9 Nov 2007 11:13:59 -0800 (GMT-08:00)

Adele Horne's film THE TAILENDERS is discussed in an article titled "Contemporary
Documentary Film and "Archive Fever": History, the Fragment, the Joke,"
published in the current issue of THE VELVET LIGHT TRAP.

THE TAILENDERS won Film Independent's "Truer than Fiction Award" this
year. The film is a captivating look at a missionary group's use of ultra-low-tech
audio devices to evangelize indigenous communities facing crises caused by global
economic forces. It traces Global Recordings Network on their journeys within the
Solomon Islands , Mexico, India and the United States , where they distribute their
recordings of Bible stories in indigenous languages, along with hand-wind audio
players, to "the Tailenders": the last people to be reached by worldwide
evangelism. In THE TAILENDERS , Horne takes a critical look at Global Recordings'
remarkable fusion of evangelism, technology and marketing, and also explores how
meaning changes as it crosses language, culture, borders, and economic divides.

To Order on DVD from New Day Films:

“This gorgeous, inspired and gutsy film…opens up new ideological vistas on religion,
technology, and globalization. It dares viewers not to be surprised by it.” The
New York Times

"A fascinating film that uses a good story as a springboard to raise larger
issues, this is highly recommended."
Video Librarian

“The Tailenders provides extraordinary insight into the work of missionaries in
remote regions throughout the world, and the key place of translation and technology
in the world of contemporary evangelical work.”
Faye Ginsburg, Director, Center for Media, Culture, and History, New York University

"A haunting documentary”
The Wall Street Journal

"With a visual clarity equal to her intellectual discourse, Horne explores
the myriad contrasts offered by her subject, alive to many epiphanies and ironies
along the way."

"A movie about no less than sound and our world...a bewitchingly artful connect-the-dots
Los Angeles Times

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