[Videolib] Ball State library: I love your vision

Ciara Healy (chealy@augustatech.edu)
Thu, 8 Nov 2007 11:10:28 -0500

I especially love this part (quote below) the best! It is so convenient
and clearly an operation on this scale is on solid ground legally to
offer this to their users.

Right on Ball State! WOO!

"Even more granular DRM controls are possible. For example, if a faculty
member wants to show portions of a copyrighted video in class, Gordon's
department can encode the content and make it available only to that
professor for use in that class. "It's not for public consumption; it's
just for [the instructor] to call up during his PowerPoint presentation
in class," Gordon explained. Clicking on the link jumps to the on campus
video servers when the encoded content is stored; permissions are
recognized, and the content plays.

That kind of rights management simply isn't possible when physical
copies of tapes are made and released."

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