RE: [Videolib] NEED TO VENT--those #@&*!&% DVD-Rs

Mike Tribby (
Tue, 6 Nov 2007 12:05:00 -0600

Chris McNevins wrote:

"an appeal to producers and distributors to discourage using DVD-Rs for
reproducing video material"

Chris, even as a filthy vendor (and a cataloger at that) I sympathize with
your plight. I would prefer that we never handle DVD-Rs for the simple
reason that our customers encounter a lot more trouble with them than with
"regular" DVDs. In fact we stopped accepting DVD-Rs for a couple of years,
but that meant greatly diminishing our selection. There is one overriding
reason we're seeing DVD-Rs in the marketplace, whether from reputable
distibutors or disreputable distributors: DVD-Rs are cheaper to produce.
They're lower in quality, too, and the whole DVD format doesn't really need
more problems with playback and longevity than it already has, but I'll bet
that as long as DVD is the main format for home video, DVD-Rs will be
present in the marketplace, especially with non-fic programming.

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