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I was forwarded some of the messages on a recent thread on
Videolib regarding the Vanderbilt Television News Archive.

Yes, we're definitely interested in getting additional educational
institutions to subscribe to our service. That service includes
full access to the database plus streaming video access to the CNN
portion of the collection.

As noted, we also have a loan service that can be used to view any
item in our collection on DVD or VHS. It's not an inexpensive
service, since we have to create a custom DVD for each request.
And, as also noted, it is a loan, as required by the US Copyright

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding the Vanderbilt
Television News Archive or our various services. Please contact me
directly since I am not a member of the list.

I hope you will consider prompting your institutions to subscribe
to the Archive. We depend on the income from both institutional
subscriptions and loan service to support of our one-of-a-kind

Thanks for your interest and support.


Marshall Breeding
Director for Innovative Technologies and Research
Vanderbilt University Library

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