[Videonews] Criticas Magazine Highly Recommends "Land Rain & Fire"

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Tue, 25 Sep 2007 11:38:56 -0400


TWN is pleased to announce that LAND, RAIN & FIRE: REPORT FROM OAXACA
was highly recommended by Críticas Magazine.

"In this documentary, Tami Gold, a well-known documentary filmmaker,
and Gerardo Renique, professor of history at City College of the City
University of New York, offer an in-depth exploration of the current
volatile political situation in the city and state of Oaxaca. Although
the colonial city of Oaxaca was once a booming city often visited by
numerous tourists, the state of Oaxaca is the poorest in Mexico. One
hour away from the city, poverty is extreme, and "children are
malnourished while government officers get rich." Some economic
observers charge that NAFTA agreements are responsible for the most
recent economic decline among the working class, particularly of
indigenous peasants. Teachers seeking radical changes, particularly
plans opposed to the privatization of the educational system, called
for a teachers' strike in June 2006; the police soon intervened.
Subsequently, civil and political organizations united in efforts to
force the withdrawal from power of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Accused
of allowing police intervention in the teachers' strike, Ruiz Ortiz
had also been held responsible for other violations throughout the
state, including fraud and corruption. The documentary follows a
series of demonstrations involving activists, workers, and peasants
who speak openly against the governor. The most radical solution calls
for the return of an indigenous system of government known as "habits
and customs," or communal governance without election by political
parties. In spite of the growing number of protests and workers'
strikes, Ruiz Ortiz has still not stepped down from power. This
documentary is highly recommended for collections on contemporary
Mexican politics."—Rafael Ocasio, Críticas Magazine
Tami Gold and Gerardo Renique | documentary | 30 min | 2006 | $150


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