RE: [Videolib] web-ct and other digitization of collection videos

Ciara Healy (
Fri, 21 Sep 2007 08:53:19 -0400

Perhaps you can set up a police-sting operation to find the digitized
videos on your campus. Send out an e-mail offering the free service of
copying to DVD or generally digitizing all of the materials professors
have in their departmental or office "collections" and wait for them to
pour in. Say you got a grant to do it and it only applies to items that
were originally library materials. Once you have identified the faculty
members and have their stash, send out another e-mail stating that
changes in copyright have made it impossible for you to follow through
and furthermore you are required by law to destroy the tapes submitted.
Then offer to buy nice, new copies in multiple formats for your
participants, no questions asked. Everyone wins.

Make sure there are no weak links in the IT or Media Services department
who copy or stream for faculty because generally this kind of
bait-and-switch only works once. Also, as items move to DVD the copy
protections built in may make unauthorized duplication too difficult for
the average college professor to manage.

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