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One thing we found out is that the instructor forgot to "finalize"
their DVD. This is the final step after making a recording. Once
they did that the DVD would work in most of our equipment. Of
course, there is always that quirky DVD than Just won't cooperate. -

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> We have recently been acquiring more DVD-Rs and finding they are very
> unreliable as far as playback. The last one we received we put in a
> Panasonic player and got a message "nothing recorded" ..... tried it
> in a Toshiba player and it worked! I think I understand that it is not
> a problem with the player but rather how the info is written to the
> disc but if I'm wrong it won't be the first time .... nor the last.
> I am sure I'm not the only one dealing with this problem .... am I?
> How do others handle something like this when a Prof takes a
> questionable item to use in a class? Tell him/her to check it first
> as it may or may not work? /I don't think so. /(sarcasm indented)
> I'm not a technical person .... just trying to do the best job I can
> where I am. Help, please!
> Karen
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