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Wow, I get to spend some time with Charles Burnett today, have five
Milestone films playing in the city this weekend, AND I get to correct
Jessica. Can the Mets beating the Cubs in the playoffs be far away?

Like most of the exploration films of the 1920s, MOANA was actually a
Paramount/Famous Players Lasky title as Jesse Lasky, an ex-goldminer
in Alaska, had a fondness for the adventurer/explorer-filmmakers of
the day.

Flaherty's daughter Monica has a long-ago contract with Paramount
where she would regain the rights once the film broke even. Back in
1992, Michael Schlesinger at Paramount struck a new 35mm print of the
film for our Age of Exploration series that included Chang, Grass,
Silent Enemy, Tabu, et cetera. That's when the legal department
discovered that the film was only $2000 in the red and that the film
by the end of the series would revert to the 70+ year old daughter who
could use the income. So kind, loving studio that they were, they
decided to access $80,000+ of accumulated "storage" fees on the film
and told her so in a legal letter. The film is in copyright.

HOWEVER, Monica Flaherty has the right to show her version of MOANA on
16mm with a soundtrack she recorded on the island. It's pretty good.
If you want to show it in 16mm, contact me off-list and I'll dig up
her phone number for you.

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