Re: [Videolib] looking for dance videos

Dennis Doros (
Wed, 12 Sep 2007 10:52:57 -0400

On 9/12/07, Joan O'Connor <> wrote:
> Dear Videolibbers,
> Does anyone know where I can order a video/DVD of Rite of Spring with the
> original 1911 (?) choreography?
You should call Dierdre Towers at the Dance Film Association (contact
info: or the New York
Public Library's Jerome Robbins Dance Division
( but to be honest, any
version of Le Sacre du printemps would have been based on distant
memory and guesses. I don't even think anyone attempted to remember it
in Labanotation.

Last I heard some years back, there was still no film footage of
Nijinksy in existence, which is the greatest loss -- in my mind -- of
archival cinema. He did visit Chaplin's Studio and I've always hoped
that Chaplin filmed the event like he almost always did when famous
personage came. However, I've never asked the Chaplin estate about

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