[Videolib] "Berlin Alexanderplatz" coming to DVD November

Randy Pitman (vidlib@videolibrarian.com)
Sat, 18 Aug 2007 21:46:27 -0700

Hi all,

It's official: "Berlin Alexanderplatz" is being released by Criterion on
November 13.

Vital statistics:

? New high-definition digital transfer, from the 2006 restoration by the
Fassbinder Foundation and Bavaria Media, and supervised and approved by
director of photography Xaver Schwarzenberger
? Two new documentaries by Fassbinder Foundation president Juliane Lorenz:
one featuring interviews with the cast and crew, the other on the
? Hans Dieter Hartl's 1980 documentary The Making of "Berlin Alexanderplatz"
? Phil Jutzi's 1931, ninety-minute film of Alfred Döblin's novel, from a
screenplay cowritten by Döblin himself
? New video interview with Peter Jelavich, author of Berlin Alexanderplatz:
Radio, Film, and the Death of Weimar Culture
? New and improved English subtitle translation
? PLUS: An essay by filmmaker Tom Tykwer, reflections from Fassbinder, an
interview with Schwarzenberger, and German author Thomas Steinfeld on the

Title: Berlin Alexanderplatz
CAT: CC1719D
UPC: 7-15515-02652-9
ISBN: 1-934121-98-3
SRP: $124.95
Prebook: 10/9/07
Street date: 11/13/07



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